Members of CDMS faculty are requested to update their academic profile that constitutes the start up material on this blog. A photograph has been included in the blog on the static page of each faculty member. It can be changed if there exists a better option.

To make the blog more humane, information beyond academics is requested. May be inclusion of personal and family photographs will make the site even more lively and make over the stereotypes associated with teachers in a conservative society.

Faculty members are requested to use the calendar to announce their upcoming academic engagements viz. announcement regarding coming up /published writings in academic journals and in popular media. It can also be used to announce non availability of a teacher  to take class for academic or personal reason.It can be the platform to reach out to the students and give them instructions regarding courses, syllabi, assignments,books, suggested readings, relevant seminars/ lectures being organized anywhere in the city .Teachers can also share the latest findings and information they have gained in a seminar and is  yet to appear in a printed form and is therefore beyond  public domain.

Information on the web page of the faculty member as also anywhere on the blog can be update/amended by teachers themselves or anyone assigned for the role. It can be edited anytime from anywhere by the person authorized with the password. However this is possible when shift is made from free to paid category on the hosting platform and the blog gets additional features now not available.It will also remove the  distracting advertisements you now see on the blog page.Kindly note the storage space available to all free users is also very limited (just 20 MB) and hence  it is not possible to upload bigger files for the time being.

Members who wish to contribute towards a paid version can send  crossed cheque in the name of  Social Action for Minorities Education, payable at Delhi.

Information about the proposed  switch is available on the website  http://edublogs.org/and faculty members can browse it for more information. For any clarification they can contact me on 011 23272872 or 9868752263 or e mail me or send me snail mail at Post Box 1161, GPO , Delhi, 110006.

Enjoy being the first university/academic institution in the country to take upon active blogging like the professors in reputed universities the world over.